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GoFreight has been rated the highest among all other freight management software on G2. With its ease of setup and admin, you’ll find it really easy to do business with.

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Ocean Import/Export
Air Import/Export
Container Tracking
Security Filing
Customer portal
Dashboard & Reporting
Trade Partner Management

GoFreight Helps You

Executive dashboard identifies opportunities and weaknesses for you to make real-time decisions

Accounting reports helps you determine your business’ financial status

Overview of OPs’ to-do lists lets you better track the progress of their tasks

Autocomplete and connectivity between modules eliminates repetitive tasks & double entries

Daily to-do list & workflow helps you organize and prioritize your tasks

Document center digitizes all your files and keep them well-organized

Real-time shipment visibility allows you to better plan your shipments to avoid detention and demurrage fees

Various reports help you identify shipments with financial loss

Error-verifying features ensure that all required fields are filled with properly formatted info.

Trusted by over 1000+ SMB and Enterprise-level Freight Forwarders Worldwide

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Continuous effort to develop/update functions that are critical to operational bottlenecks. Expedited responses to user questions and fixes. The developer took operation flow into meticulous consideration; therefore, it incorporates well with the necessary procedures. GoFreight is also expanding its EDI connections with various institutes to provide the latest data which are crucial to logistics operation controls.

Victor C.

Customer Service

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The System are user friendly, convenience (Cloud based). Dashboard will remind each OP what is pending or missing. No overlap date need to input again and again. Date Security level, CS Support. Also Software will keep improving and provide better feature. I can see Operation able to handle at least 30-50% of the volume per month comparing with other software provider with a better service level to customers.

Alex L.

Ocean Import Manager

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The system built on web base, very easy to hands on, no need to read pages of user's manual. I have been using three other software before, and GoFreight is the best. it's fast, user friendly, the most important, it will help accelerate my operation efficiency by 150% - 200%. accounting functions are also super good. my OP and accounting never have to back and force for double and triple checking. overall, A great software we all like.

Tony L.


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