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GoFreight is a modern, web-based Freight Forwarding Software as a Service (SaaS) designed for International Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs. Constantly developing new features, this easy-to-use cloud software includes a complete set of functions covering ocean/air/inland operations, warehousing, security filing, invoicing, track and trace, PO management sales, and also includes fully integrated accounting features.

Slick UI & UX Design

Who said freight forwarding software can’t have a smooth, user-friendly interface? With careful planning and attention to detail, GoFreight has an efficiency boosting workflow design that forwarders love to use.

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Data Analysis & Visualization

With data becoming increasingly important for freight forwarding businesses, GoFreight is equipped with a clear, flexible data analysis and visualization tool for top level decision makers.

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Executive Dashboard

GoFreight is great for decision making with many intuitive, powerful real-time analytics tools.
Use GoFreight’s Executive DashBoard to turn real-time data into game-changing insights!

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What our customers are saying
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I can use this anywhere have internet, smoothly without any problems. Interface is clear and neat and easy to understand too!
Jeff S.
General Manager, Los Angeles Area NVOCC
First of All, the price is pretty good. I have been in this industry for more then 10 years, and seen different kind of systems, cost more or less. But compare to GoFreight, price is more lower, function is covered not say 100%, but at least 98%. And easy to operate and easy to figure. In all, worth to buy. Good service.
Sophie L.
General Manager, Los Angeles Area NVOCC
Very comprehensive. Covers all areas of freight forwarding needs. Love this company. They are extremely responsive to my request. Constantly looking for ways to upgrade their software. They are trying hard to stay on top of the freight forwarding software technology.
John K.
Vice President, San Francisco Freight Forwarder
Easy to use and switch over the page also the reminder icon.
Miz I.
Manager, Los Angeles Area NVOCC
Appearances of the data layout on one screen view, easy to read and understand to the beginner in the industry.
Jack C.
Owner, Los Angeles Area NVOCC
Simple format but yet very detailed, and user friendly.
Sean H.
Senior OP, Los Angeles Area NVOCC
I use GoFreight on the ISF filing and shipping operation, it's very easy and simple to use. Feeling very impressed on the ISF filing system, quick filing and quick feedback from CBP.
Joey C.
OP Manager, New York Area NVOCC
Eesy training, easy access, mobile accessable.Total would recommend this to other logistics company.
Tiffany L.
Manager, Los Angeles Area NVOCC
Easy to key in, and easy to find the record.Accounting is easy to working and software is easy to used.
Vicky Y.
OP Manager , Los Angeles Area NVOCC

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Hard Core Technology is named to this group of Top 15 promising logistics technology startups for 2019. A great honor to our leadership, team and mission to create game changing tech-based logistics solutions.

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Highly rated by our happy customers all over the world

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Not Convinced? Check out Our Highly Rated Reviews!

Being the first to offer a centralized location for development and distribution of open-source software, SourceForge is also one of the largest applications and software directories. GoFreight is listed as one of the top freight software for 2019. Read about our users’ reviews or give us some feedback by clicking the link below!

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What is freight forwarding software?
Freight Forwarding Software is designed to help freight forwarders and NVOCCs manage the process of moving freight from one end point to another.

A good freight forwarding software is developed with the latest technologies to provide management tools to manage ocean, air, land, inter-modal operations. Furthermore, it should include accounting, sales, CRM, and business intelligence features. It helps businesses eliminate human errors, increase efficiency, optimize the organization and storage of information, and improve customer experience.

About Hard Core Technology

We are a global technology company currently focusing on developing cloud-based software solutions for international and domestic freight forwarding industries. Our ultimate goal is to transform the freight forwarding software industry with technology.


GoFreight - icon Short Learning Curve
Short Learning Curve
After 2 days to get used to it, OMG, it’s super fast!!
- Import OP -
GoFreight - icon Short Learning Curve
Efficiency Boost
The average shipment entry time for my team is reduced by 33%; and the overall team performance is increased by 58%.
- Experienced OP Manager -
GoFreight - icon Always Up to Date
Always Up to Date
The system updates regularly. I can always enjoy latest features and improvement
- Export OP -
GoFreight - icon Always Up to Date
Easy to Start
It’s like iPhone.
Simple and beautiful
- Oversea OP -
GoFreight - icon Always Up to Date
Accurate Numbers
Thanks for the help to explore and fix accounting errors during data transfer process
- Accounting Manager -

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