Advanced Features
of GoFreight

Fewer Steps, Better Efficiency
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Take Notes Everywhere

A simple way to share information or take notes of every single MB/L, HB/L, invoice, or companies you deal with. It can also be used to relay information to co-workers regarding events or any other changes that have been made.

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Vehicle Inventory

Mobile Sync to Web

Vehicle Exporters now have a total solution from GoFreight warehouse mobile app all the way to a beautifully-designed customer portal, which allows customers to view and download the pictures and vehicle information. Faster access to vehicle information and make, model, year, and other information with a simple VIN scan by our mobile app!

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Daily To-Do List

Smart Workflow

There are several major ways to manage tasks, our daily to-do list is created to help operators to manage their on-hand shipments and operations. Reminders make sure all your jobs are in control, and alerts keep you from forgetting important tasks.

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Document Center

All your files, at your fingertips

Store and access all your files in the centralized Document Center under each corresponding shipment or trade partner on secured cloud storage. Easily share the files with one click. No more hard-copies and folders.

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Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

Performance analysis by any dimension

COST-VOLUME-PROFIT (CVP) analysis examines the interaction of a firm’s sales volume, selling price, cost structure, and profitability. It is a powerful tool in making managerial decisions including marketing, production, investment, and financing decisions.

What our customers are saying

Easy training, easy access, mobile accessible. Total would recommend this to other logistics company.

Tiffany L.

Manager, Los Angeles Area NVOCC

I use GoFreight on the ISF filing and shipping operation. It’s very easy and simple to use. Feeling very impressed by the ISF filing system. Quick filing and quick feedback from CBP.

Joey C.

OP Manager, New York Area NVOCC

Simple formal but yet very detailed, and user-friendly.

Sean H.

Senior OP, Los Angeles Area NVOCC

Appearances of the data layout on one screen view, easy to read and understand to the beginner in the industry.

Jack C.

Owner, Los Angeles Area NVOCC