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Over 1000+ freight forwarders have seen their revenues grow by an average of 125% with GoFreight.

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The Only Freight Forwarding Software You'll Need

Run your sales, operations, and accounting on one single platform

Increase revenue by handling more projects with the same headcount

Avoid detention and demurrage cost with workflow visibility

Significantly lower the chance of financial statement manipulation

Eliminate the hidden cost of human error

Earn the trust of your customer with instant shipment tracking

Increase customer engagement with our customer portal–no more missing opportunities to increase revenue.

Create quotations for your clients with just a few clicks.

Never lose track of what to do and what needs to be done with any shipments ever again.

Save time with GoFreight's proprietary bill-of-lading interface.

Manage all your shipments from end-to-end in one place.

No need to enter the same information over and over

Designed specifically for the finances of freight forwarding businesses.

One platform to manage finances across all branches to eliminate report manipulation.

Will never miss issuing or collecting any invoice ever again.

Verified by certified finance professionals.

GoFreight customers are achieving incredible ROI*

*Individual results may vary

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Trusted by over 1000+ freight forwarders around the world

We’ve tried so many systems. None of them works like GoFreight.
Eric W.
The Management Dashboard allows us to understand much more about how our business is doing much better. We now make strategic and customer management decisions based on the data.
Angela H.
We use GoFreight because of its modern workflow design. The unique bill of lading interface alone saves us lots of time.
Victor C.
From spending days to consolidate financial reports from 3 branches with our old system, to managing all our finances at a single source with GoFreight, I couldn’t be happier.
Cindy M.