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What is Air Waybill (AWB): How do master or house air waybills work? Why should you use eAWB?

With the basic understanding of Air Waybill, let’s further elaborate on the related ideas about it.

First, a few key points:

  • Who Issues AWB: An air carrier (or via an IATA cargo agent)
  • How to Get an Air Waybill: Go to IATA or other websites to download a template that includes an air waybill format
  • Information Required in Air Waybill Format: Names and addresses of the shipper and consignee, insurance details, transport details and instructions, and a serial number
  • Air Waybill Number: Composed of a three-digit airline code, a seven-digit air waybill code, and a one-digit check digit
  • Below is a sample Air Waybill template. Download PDF here
Air Waybill Sample Template

House and Master AWBs

There are two kinds of Air Waybill: House Air Waybill (HAWB) and Master Air Waybill (MAWB). HAWB is a receipt of goods issued by a freight forwarder to a shipper, viewed as a contract of carriage. And MAWB is a transport document issued by an air carrier to the mentioned freight forwarder. Therefore, one shipment involves House and Master AWBs each time when the cargo is shipped from airport to airport.

Default Contract of Carriage: eAWB

Do you know the documentation processes of AWB have been officially digitized upon 2019? According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the eAWB structure is more eco-friendly without printing out lengthy paper and significantly cut down the human-made errors. You can also find detailed rules and sign-up tips from IATA’s website.

Why should I use eAWB

With this electronic means, you can simplify the annoying paperwork and sign the contract on the softcopy just by using the e-signature feature–and this convenient service is free of charge! The eAWB also enables you to track your international shipments more easily; all you need is a well-crafted air waybill app or a freight software allowing you to have an eAWB organized tracking system.

GoFreight offers a complete Air Import and Export Waybill management module. Schedule a DEMO today to learn more about how GoFreight can help you easily manage your shipping.


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