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What are the top freight forwarding software

One of the best ways to streamline your freight forwarding business is to navigate away from the traditional and old school way of running your business. Thanks to advancements in technology, all sorts of software have appeared to make your freight forwarding business easier.

But, this does introduce a whole other set of problems as well. If you’re just starting or are looking for a different freight forwarding software, which one do you choose? 

The market is filled with plenty of freight forwarding software and each one comes packaged with their own sets of features. Some are better suited for larger freight forwarding companies while some are more capable of handling smaller and medium-sized businesses. For this article, We’ll be going through the top freight forwarding software on the market, that way you’ll be able to find out the benefit of freight software that meet your needs.


Of course, we can’t start off the list without mentioning our own product! 

So who are we and what do we do?

GoFreight is a web-based SaaS developed for international Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs. Our software is capable of helping freight forwarding companies manage and track ocean (export/import), ship, and inland shipping operations including accounting, PO management, Sales, Invoicing, Security filing, and warehousing. Also, GoFreight allows you to analyze and visualize important information, assisting decision-making for business owners.

On top of that, our freight forwarding software also comes with a document central module that allows you to store and arrange files besides their appropriate shipments or trade partners, making it easy to search through your data banks and accessing and sharing it amongst your staff members.

Freight forwarding companies will be able to make to-do lists regularly to manage their on-hand shipments and place reminders to ensure schedules are being followed. 

Additionally, it comes packaged with a warehouse mobile application for automobile exporters and an online portal for your clients to view or export information and images about the motor vehicle such as the date and model.

Another benefit of this freight forwarding software is that users are allowed to create memoirs or notes for all invoices and bills of lading working, which will allow you to inform employees whenever something changes.

In addition, we feature a Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) analysis module that can help you gain awareness of cost structure, investment, production, sales volume, selling price and many more. 

BoxOn Logistics

BoxOn Logistics is capable of being configured based on your business and workflow needs. By allowing this option, this freight forwarding software provides flexibility for its configuration that lets you get the control you need to set up rules you need to make your freight forwarding company both efficient and productive.

This powerful freight forwarding software is essentially different from other freight forwarding software in today’s current market. The flexible framework was made to be developed around your specifications for your operation instead of forcing you to build your operation around the software itself. By using this software you’ll benefit from one of the most robust and flexible technology solutions in the market. It’s capable of fitting into any existing business structure with little to no hassle.

You can expect BoxOn to include a good number of modules that help you streamline a good chunk of your logistics process. Furthermore, their web-based P.O. Box software is capable of shaving off any time and complexities of your current process, from the time a customer places the order, to the delivery process, and much more.

Magaya Cargo System

The Magaya Cargo System was developed to help freight forwarders, couriers or warehouse providers, NVOCCs, and forwarding agents who need a complete and accurate warehouse management system packaged with an integrated accounting system. To improve the cargo management process, Magaya Cargo has added support for quotes and order pickups, and they’ve also included requests and shipment merging.

This software also comes with a user-friendly interface that lowers the amount of work for the user by preventing duplicate data entry. Shipment details can be completely managed with simple workflows and you can send important information to customs authorities, plus generate the appropriate documents. It also allows you to show proof of the delivery, gradual procedures and various features to keep track of the cargo.

Magaya is helpful for when you need something done fast and don’t have much time. It can also allow you to set how much access your employees have to certain info you are saving on the system. You can also have multiple Magayas open at the same time so you won’t have to worry about potential lockouts or crashes.


Another freight forwarding software you can decide on is FreightPOP. This cloud-based transportation management software is more suited for medium-sized and enterprising companies.

This software offers it’s users all sorts of amazing features, such as a rate negotiated quotes that users can get and process their shipments without having to leave FreightPOP’s platform.

You’ll also be able to gather the appropriate shipping documentation from associated carriers, print shipping labels, BOLS, SLIs, AWBS, customs forms, invoices, packing slips and plenty more.

FreightPOP also offers centralized tracking tools that allow you to monitor every in-transit shipments, collecting real-time tracking data right from the carrier’s very own systems or website. Any potential problem with a shipment can be flagged for attention, while in-transit reports will summarize progress and any delays will be checked over by the automated freight invoice auditing to make sure the carriers are charging appropriately.


Freightview is a freight forwarding management system that provides its users with the ability to book, track, compare, and analyze import or export shipments with the carrier. This software is capable of minimizing hours of unproductive work, overdue payments, and improves the order turnaround time.

The software will allow you to choose from existing carriers and connect with them to gain direct rates. It also boasts of supporting far more LTL carriers than any other solution on the market. Users will also be allowed to compare direct rates using this platform and make the best-informed decision.

Freightview can also schedule the pickup and supply the bill of lading, making it effective on saving money and time. The software will also gather and report data on each shipment for efficient visibility and evaluation of carriers, routes, and rates.

This freight forwarding software is very easy to set up and use. The freight transportation management system allows you to see all of your negotiation rates in a single place without forcing you to visit multiple carrier websites.

Freightview also claims that it only takes up to 10 minutes for the initial setup to finalize and the only thing you’ll need to enter is contact information, the carrier you work with and shipping location. Once that’s all been inputted, the software will take 48 hours to link you to all the carriers, with many of them connecting immediately.

The software comes with a great API technology that allows you to seamlessly connect with carrier systems for real-time rates, which are always updated. All you need to do is set up the carries a single time and the software will automatically update any changes in the future.

Every shipment data can be seamlessly exported to a CSV file and you can also use the packaged analytics to negotiate rates with the carrier.


Pacejet is a shipping software made to handle enterprise-level businesses. It allows freight, parcel and 3PL shipping together to use a single friendly user interface and workflow. Using this will offer you a 360-degree view on the shipping with reports on every carrier, shipment, and modes. Other features include automation for labels and paperwork, EDI and WMS support, financial management, freight quoting, packing and loading management, and much more.

Developed to take advantage of cloud technology, Pacejet gives you a simplified supply system for multiple locations, ongoing updates, and elastic capacity. The rate shopping features searches every carrier’s services and prices online and real-time to help locate the best value for every shipment. Furthermore, it goes over the complicated carrier contracts to lay down every option to make the best possible decision.

You’ll be able to pack shipments with the best accuracy around and scan and verify products as they are placed into boxes or pallets to lower errors. Pacejet allows businesses to electronically capture the weight of a packaged, dimensions, freight class, and much more to ensure accurate shipment billing. It also allows you to quote prices, print paperwork, and labels, and collect tracking numbers. 

Logitude World

Logitude World is a freight forwarding software that provides a cloud-based solution for small and medium-sized businesses, whether they be local, international, import, export, air, ocean and land freight forwarders. This software can handle every aspect of the freight forwarding cycle, from quotes and shipment processing to billing and collecting. Furthermore, this platform has managed to merge a number of freight forwarding modules and tools. 

Additionally, this software comes with all sorts of helpful features to help manage your freight forwarding such as managing shipments from end-to-end. Users will have access to dashboards, documents, email templates, along with set notification to clients.

Logitude World also helps you manage payments and receivables with advanced features and reports for cost and profit loss. Another benefit also includes an estimating system for actual costs, vendor invoices and much more.


Shipwell is a cloud-based freight forwarding management solution developed to help shipping, third-party logistics, and carrier businesses efficiently run their entire supply chain cycle. This platform will allow it’s users to quote, schedule, and track shipments all in real-time with the help of API and EDI integrations.

This software will allow businesses to review rates for less than truckload or complete truckload from a plethora of carrier networks. Shipwell is also capable of integrating with various eCommerce platforms, allowing freight price rates to be automatically generated and customers can choose the shipping options from within the online store as well.

They also offer a mobile application format to facilitate the shipping process and allow carriers to receive alerts for new cargo, sign off on bills of lading digitally, capture pictures of botched freight, upload documents, and track the location of a fleet.

Logistically TMS

Logistically TMS is another cloud-based freight forwarding management software that is capable of helping enterprises in the industry manage their orders and shipping operations. It comes with an easy to use dashboard that enables brokers, shippers and 3PL organizations to track performances and gain insight into customer trends with the help of actionable analytics.

This software comes packed with all sorts of features which include billing, claims management, payment processing, auditing and dispatching, and white labeling. It also allows freight forwarding companies to generate automated invoices on order completion and send them to clients through email. Furthermore, you’ll be able to grant file access to specific team members and add or retrieve carrier contracts from the integrated address book.

Another interesting part about Logistically TMS is its ability to seamlessly integrate with various third-party software such as Quickbooks, Fedex and much more. This platform provides you with business intelligence tools to keep track of carrier performance and sort through records to find specific carriers utilizing the search feature.

Clients will also be able to use the self-service portal to request quotes and keep track of their shipment status, allowing your business to improve the customer’s experience with your company.


Each of these freight forwarding software is capable of helping your business meet its needs. Hopefully, this article has managed to help you find one that is capable of helping your business grow in ways you didn’t expect.

If you’re currently in the market for one of the best freight forwarding software, then make sure to get in touch with us and we’ll take good care of your needs with a personalized demo.

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