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Trenton Chen

How GoFreight Became the Modern Technology Freight Forwarders Need Today

GoFreight software is founded with the goal of unleashing the potential of freight forwarders who are held back by their current technology – if they have any freight management technology at all. Prior to starting GoFreight my partners and I knew from our own experiences, as well as having spoken to dozens of forwarders, that there was no software available that truly served the needs of their internal operations or those of their customers. We learned many of these forwarders had even tried three or more systems over the years with no success – and that this problem exists globally.

Once we identified this significant need in the logistics marketplace, we built a world-class team of freight forwarding practitioners and expert developers. The result is a one-of-a-kind, world-class solution that finally gives forwarders “the” software that can really help them.

Today, GoFreight has more than 300 customers in the U.S. and across Asia, the largest having over 1,500 full-time employees. We quickly learned our premise that a modern and web-based freight management system would be welcomed by freight forwarders with a growth mindset was correct. This is proven by our customers’ average annual revenue growth rate of 48%, and profit growth rate of 58%. 

GoFreight customers are the most successful and progressive in the industry. And, a big part of the value we provide is helping forwarders quickly digitize their operations to compete with so-called “tech-enabled” providers like Flexport.

The shipper customers of forwarders using GoFreight appreciate what the platform offers as much as the forwarders themselves. The customer-centric user portal makes real-time tracking simple and detailed shipment information is available through any internet-enabled device. Our platform also allows customers to pull online quotes and book loads, as well as perform many other core shipping functions digitally.

The ability of GoFreight to improve a forwarder’s business extends beyond the basic TMS functionality, as well. For example, by offering innovative online payment (such as with American Express Ventures backed Melio) forwarders are now able to overcome many billing and receivables problems that were overlooked before.


In the end, what matters most is that GoFreight provides an exceptional user experience for both forwarders and their shipper customers. It’s my commitment as CEO to continue GoFreight’s path towards building the most complete freight management system for forwarders available anywhere. Global shipping is a complex and fast-changing marketplace, and it’s my goal to keep all of our forwarder customers on the leading edge with the best technology.

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