Handle 200% More Shipments With Container Milestone While Minimizing Human Errors and Delays

Pull ahead of the competition with auto-updated container information and centralize every detail in one place. Drive your team’s focus with automated task prioritization.

Never need to manually lookup multiple carrier/terminal/rail websites again, GoFreight places container data all together and keeps you updated with your containers.

Don’t know how to start your day? Check your to-do list at a glance and GoFreight will help prioritize your tasks and organize a plan for you.

Centralize all your containers in one place, and look for nothing but this one portal only.

Container information will be automatically updated to keep you informed in real-time of the delivery status.

Take actions to any abnormal container status and say good-bye to demurrage/detention fees and shipment delays.

“Freight forwarders & NVOCCs lose an average of $70,884 every year to their two greatest adversaries: demurrage & detention charges.”

“During the pandemic, your customers are suffering a new high average shipment delay of 5.5 days.”

The more you spend on demurrage fees, the longer the shipments will be delivered to your client’s hands.

Make Your Services Valuable and Profitable Again

There’s no specific peak shipping season. It has been a peak shipping year.

Book truckers and return empty containers faster, making your service stand out from other competitors.

Save immense time, allowing your team to handle extra shipments and maintain better customer relationships.

Your Operation team can be from anywhere in the world

What’s more. With GoFreight, you can easily establish an overseas operation team to input the data entry for you, shaping your business organization with higher flexibility.

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