Instant Quotation:
Get Booking Done in a Flash.

Quotation is the foundation of a freight forwarding business. Build a strong base by fully optimizing and enhancing the quotation workflow to save time and meet customer’s personalization needs.

Logistic network between boats and trucks

Optimize the Quotation Workflow
with Pre-defined Templates

Minimize data entry time and create one quotation within 10 minutes.

Manage Quotations in a Smarter Way

Calculating freight rates and managing additional surcharges are challenging yet essential parts of the quotation process. With GoFreight, even the difficulties are now clear and intuitive.

Woman on computer

Surcharges grouping

Categorize the additional surcharges into multiple groups based on the ports and locations, making it easier for data entry and reducing human errors.

People connected via network

Rate management

Manage freight rates and corresponding surcharges in one place, ensuring that everyone in the sales team is on the same page.

Summarize the quotation before sending it out

It’s always hard to summarize a quotation with multiple lines and agents. GoFreight provides a clear overview of your quotation summary so that everything is crystal clear before sending it out.

Summary Quotation: Port of Loading, Port of Discharge, Carrier and details

Double-check and modify your rates
directly with the PDF editor

Never download a tool just to edit a few characters in a PDF document again. The native PDF editor in GoFreight allows you to make your final check of the quotation.

Native PDF Editor for immediate modifications of a quotation

Native and easy to use PDF editor

“Group by Category” layout chosen to display specific charges of a quotation

Group the items by groups or categories

Learn more about how to boost
your freight forwarding sales

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