freight forwarding software

Freight Forwarding Software

Designed to facilitate freight forwarders and NVOCCs to manage the process of moving cargoes from one point to another, freight forwarding software provides a portal to centralize all aspects of your freight business in one place.

Trusted by over 1000+ freight forwarders around the world

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cloud-based freight forwarding software

Access freight forwarding system anytime and anywhere


  • No installation
    Apply for account and GoFreight will take care of everything, including speedy deployment and data migration.
  • Just need a browser
    Whether you are using Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, you can easily access the system and start your daily operations.
  • Perfect for work-from-home
    No need to install anything on your home laptop, and you can easily control and track your cargo at home

Cloud-based freight forwarding system

Cloud backed

GoFreight runs on Amazon AWS, the comprehensive cloud solution with field proven network security.

Data Security

All your data are well protected by us and Amazon with two copies for the backup.

No downtime

With Amazon’s trustworthy services, you don’t need to worry about service downtime.

All-in-one freight forwarding software solution

freight forwarding software dashboard

For ocean, air, or ground transportation

Designed for all types of freight forwarding businesses, GoFreight helps you manage shipments around the globe.

For sales, operation, or accounting

From a sales quotation to accounting invoice, GoFreight facilitates the way you work with different departments.

All documents are well managed

Through the shipment-based document center in GoFreight, you will never waste your time on digging into piles of documents.

24/7 freight forwarding software

Service is the king in freight forwarding industry

Your customer will never turn to others if you are providing premium services. As GoFreight helps you optimize your work efficiency, you will be more responsive to your customers’ requests.

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