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Get Rewarded for Referring a Freight Forwarder!

Help us spread the word about GoFreight and earn rewards for every successful referral!

$150 for every Qualified Referral* that attends a Demo and up to $2,500 for every New Customer**

To refer a prospective customer, you can complete the form here, email the form information to marketing@gofreight.co, or share the information with your GoFreight rep.

A Qualified Referral must meet all of the following criteria:

1) The referral must be a United States or Canadian registered freight forwarder;

2) The referral must be submitted before April 30th, 2021;

3) The referral must state the name and the organization name of the referrer at the time of contact;

4) The referral cannot be an existing customer or a previous customer of GoFreight;

5) The referral cannot be in our sales process already;

6) The referral must not have been referred to us by any company other than you;

7) The referral must have a Sales Demo session with GoFreight within fourteen (14) days of submission.


The Qualified Referral rewards $150 to the referrer.

A New Customer is a qualified referral that has subscribed to GoFreight within three (3) months of submission and has been live on our platform for at least 90 days.

The New Customer reward will vary depending on the size of your referral. The more users there are per referral, the better your reward!

1) $700 for any referral with 1 to 10 users;

2) $1500 for any referral with 11 to 20 users, and;

3) $2500 for any referral with more than 20 users.

Unfortunately, self-referrals do not count towards the contest, but we appreciate them. Self-referrals include an owner opening up a new location or company, an employee referring the company they work for, or a parent company referring a company it owns.

Once we connect with your referral, we can determine the best way to fulfill their needs. Once your referral finishes a demo session with us, you’ll receive your Qualified Introduction Reward. After your referral subscribes to GoFreight and is live for 90 days on our platform, you’ll receive your New Customer Reward.

Our team will keep you updated throughout the process, so you’ll know exactly where your reward stands.

Do keep in mind that any referral rewards will be subject to tax regulations. If the earnings are $600 or more in a calendar year, tax documentation will be required.

If you have any questions on the status of your referral, you can reach out to your GoFreight rep or email us at marketing@gofreight.co.

In order to properly satisfy conditions, the GoFreight referral must attend a Sales Demo within 14 days following form submission and the referrer must be the primary reason for the referral joining the program.

GoFreight Referral Program ends on 4/30/2021.