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Jul 02,2021
Regular Hotfix 1.21.210702

Improvements Added the “Approval Status” column in the Payment Plan list view for users to check the status of payment approval aside from the status of the payment. Users can also use the Latest Approval Status column as a filter to display payment plans with the following status: Abolished Approved Cancelled Pending Rejected The billing …

Jan 15,2021
Regular Hotfix 1.21.210115

Improvements Added “shipment type” as a filter for operation list in Misc. section. Improved the speed of generating aging report when filters are applied.

Nov 22,2020
Regular Hotfix 1.21.201120

Improvements Added the “Last Two Month” date range picker on the dashboard. When you export the Invoice/Cost list, the exported Excel will be identical to the actual list. Added the option to hide daily subtotal in the bank book balance report. Added the POD column for users to import HB/L with POD. Volume & Profit …

Nov 08,2020
Regular Hotfix 1.21.201106

Improvements The system will automatically fill in the corresponding carrier and B/L Acct. Carrier when users fill in the SCAC code while creating a shipment. Payments recorded in invoice drafts will not be counted in the Profit Report. Support multilingual Freight Description in D/C for customers with multicurrency. Added the Express B/L and Telex Release/OB/L …

Oct 25,2020
Regular Hotfix 1.21.201023

Improvements Support void status in payments with deposit date for a bounced check. Add deposit date dependency for better error handling. Optimize the overall listing performance in the system. Add error handling to eliminate issues caused by simultaneous access to Agent/Local statements by multiple users. Optimize the operation usability of arrow keys in the autocomplete …

Oct 11,2020
Regular Hotfix 1.21.201008

Improvements Admins can now decide to grant which individual team member access to shipment profit report. Users now have the option to have different or identical booking and HB/L numbers. The height of the to-do list is adjusted for users to view more items within a single view. Adjust the auto-complete layout when selecting trade …

Sep 27,2020
Regular Hotfix 1.21.200925

Improvements Integrated trade partner memo into the list view of aging report to easily access additional information. Fixed an issue where the changes of the user profile cannot be saved after modifying the settings. Users can now return to the GoFreight Tracking Portal homepage by clicking on the GoFreight logo. As users select a certain …

Aug 02,2020
Regular Hotfix

Improvements In the volume & profit report can calculate the volume by sales type versus container type To make OP easier manage his to-do, GoFreight adds a drop-down list for the warning and alert on the top right banner Add measurement and weight on profit report Add “ECommerce” shipment type on HB/L (OI/OE/AI/AE/Truck/Misc)

Jun 28,2020
Regular Hotfix

Improvements GF will show the shipper’s memo in OI HBL entry Can perform separately accounting block by office Add Terms & Conditions for Arrival Notice and Invoice Add a notification widget for To-Do’s warnings and alerts on the top of the page Profit Report can summarize when shipments over 100+ Bank Reconciliation includes simple invoices …

Jun 11,2020
Regular Hotfix

Improvements Add excel file output to Balance Sheet and Income Statement UI improvement: Payment received/payment made invoice list details line up to the total amount Booking Number can be optional shown on invoices and Freight statement Can batch block/unblock shipments in shipment list