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Oct 23,2019
Regular Hotfix

Improvements Make a payment: add an option to show more amount of information (inv. amount / paid amount/balance) on rider print Be able to add company stamp on invoice and D/C note Agent / Local Statement: Support Document ID – be able to add previous A/L statement as documents in new A/L statement Make a …

Oct 02,2019
Regular Hotfix

Improvements New function! Copy To: copy AR/AP/DC from one shipment to another New function! Detach: detach HBL from MBL and roll back to booking stage (Ocean Export only) Ocean Export: Add “Straight B/L” form under OE -> Booking Entry -> Tools

Sep 25,2019
Regular Hotfix

Improvements Accounting -> Aging Report: Add sort by the amount and each column Security Filing: Add “ETD”, “ETA”, “Sales” information on ISF List page Pier pass AP creation: Add option to support creating 1 AP for multiple containers After trade partner merge, sales information should be updated as well

Sep 18,2019
Regular Hotfix

Improvements Ocean Export -> HBL print: Allow manual edit freight items on “Show Freight” area Accounting: Fix the problem that not able to make/receive payment after invoice blocked on Invoice/Cost list Admin settings: Add user management function: be able to change user information and disable/enable users ISF: Supports create ISF from Ocean Import shipment ISF: …

Aug 28,2019
Regular Hotfix

Improvements Import Shipment: Add Trade Partner mapping and assign OP functions Import Shipment: Fix duplicated Trade Partner problem Accounting -> Invoice: Fix the problem that not able to “Load from Trade Party” for “Ship To” field Accounting -> D/C note: On MBL DC Note, press “TAB” button should not skip “Type – B/L No” field …