The End-To-End Accounting System Designed for Freight Forwarders

Everything you need to create invoices for both operational and non-operational processes, record demurrage charges, and provide readied and comprehensive reports to your CPA. Prevent human error and spend less time with our automated accounting so that your team can focus more on business core operations.

Create an Invoice and Save For Later

Automate and streamline the process of creating and processing financial invoices, and record detention and demurrage charges. An invoice will get you the payment, and you can choose to create a normal one or a draft, making accounting auditing more accurate and preventing human error. Invoices are issued with the correct rate and tax depending on the countries you are working in. Freight in accounting has never been this automated.

The Debit/Credit Note Status

Check the status of your debit/credit note after you record all your account receivable or payable entries in several house bills of lading, and record demurrage charges. Know if your customers are exceeding or drawing near their credit limit so that you can quickly react to any potential problem or risk.

Check the Payments From Invoices to Billing Items

Reviewing payments from invoices is not always enough for your business. Instead, you can examine the payment details by listing all the billing items in our accounting information system. Pull needed details of the invoice to record demurrage charges within seconds and track payment history.

Reconciliation with Overseas Agent

We also took a step further to provide advanced accounting features for forwarders. For example, forwarders who work with overseas agents will have debit/credit notes flow in and out every day, and every month they will need to do monthly statements with the overseas agents to confirm and finalize details of the D/C notes. But with all the D/C notes, they are hard to be separated. With GoFreight, after the statement is generated, and is confirmed by both sides, the system can mark this statement as “amount confirmed”, and the system will put a flag on each invoice. GoFreight provides the best flexibility for your agent and local statement.

Multi-Currency Support in Accounting

Running businesses in multiple regions? No worries, we support multiple currencies in all the invoices you’ve issued. Combine multiple invoices in one accounting system to reduce payment and foreign currency transactions.