All-In-One Freight Forwarding Software

Designed to facilitate freight forwarders and NVOCCs to manage the process of moving cargos from one point to another, freight forwarding software provides a web portal to centralize all aspects of your freight business in one place.

the dashboard of gofreight, a web-based freight forwarding software, that shows various metrics for forwarders to analyze their business performance

From regional SMB to global Enterprise, GoFreight provides you with a full suite of solutions to help you succeed in the digital era.

Make profitable decisions that propel your business forward

We reveal the insights you need to make real-time decisions at the right time. See what’s happening today, and plan for tomorrow.

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Reduce Costly Bookkeeping Mistakes & Inefficiencies

GoFreight's shipment-based accounting system will assist you in automating workflow, preventing human errors, and providing comprehensive reports, allowing your team to focus on your core business.

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Eradicate inefficient and time-consuming paper based workflow

GoFreight streamlines key events during the shipment cycle, providing you with real-time shipment status updates such as ETA/ETD. With the integration of carrier, terminal, and rail EDI, shipment information will be auto-populated with precision.

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Reduce costs associated with multiple software integrations by consolidating all of your logistics operations into a single freight forwarding software.

Automate workflow and increase efficiency from creating sales quotations to generating accounting invoices. Facilitate the way of forwarder management.

Never worry about power outage or server disruptions. Save money on costly maintenance and support.

Integrate data with carriers, overseas agents, 3PL, various digital platforms, and other service providers.

Secure your data with two copies of backups on GoFreight system and Amazon Cloud Server.

  • GoFreight will take care of everything, from deployment to data migration
  • Migration to GoFreight's freight forwarding system will be neither difficult nor disruptive to your day-to-day business operations.
  • Freight forwarding software solution with an easy-to-use interface
  • Very easy to pick up, with no need to spend too much precious time on reading a user manual

Optimize the Process of Freight Forwarding

The freight forwarding process begins with the creation of cargo manifests and ends with insurance claims. By providing real-time visibility, GoFreight’s freight forwarding software solution reduces human errors by optimizing the entire flow, ensuring that goods are properly shipped and delivered. You can learn more about the 5-step process by downloading the PDF.

Forwarders trust our service

Ben Howard

Ocean Export Manager

“GoFreight is a very capable freight forwarding software solution specific to NVOCC operations. Foresee more useful functions to be developed at a rapid pace.
The support team from GoFreight provides fast responses to aid/troubleshoot usage problems.”

Johnnie Golden

Export Coordinator

“As a Manager, I can see Operation able to handle at least 30-50% of the volume per month comparing with other freight forwarding software provider with a better service level to customers. The System is user friendly and convenient.(Cloud-based)”

Eddie Banks

Import Analyst

“Their support team has successfully transferred all data from our old freight forwarding system by other provider to GoFreight. We can trace back to the numbers starting from our day one and got verified by our CPA. GREAT!”

Greg Gibson

Operational Excellence Director

“I have been in this industry for more then 10 years, and seen different kind of freight forwarding software systems, cost more or less. But compare to GoFreight, price is more lower, function is covered not say 100%, but at least 98%.”