GoFreight Tracking

Automate container updates and track all your containers on a single platform to increase efficiency, minimize delay charges, and boost customer satisfaction.

Save hours of work with all the tracking information in one place

You no longer have to visit several carriers’ websites or wait endlessly for responses from terminals and rails. Real-time container status is updated on a single place to digitize and organize your container information.

Avoid rising detention and demurrage fees with auto notifications

More than just a platform to check shipment status, GoFreight Tracking also sends notifications once the container status is updated, giving you more time to plan and save more than 50% on detention and demurrage charges that have reached an average of $70k/month.

Keep your customers updated and happy

More efficient communication with less effort. All information and documents can be accessed by shippers on the Tracking Portal along with auto notifications sent to their inboxes, providing better customer experience and boosting your customer retention rate.

Your Containers, All Covered!

Hear more from companies more like yours

Excellent tracking skills. It really helps a lot to give our customers nice information about when they will be reciving the goods.

Rafael F

Import Manager

Very good system, saves a lot of time. You can view all your shipments very quickly and intuitively and track them on time.

Mindy G

General Manager

Very intuitive and great for multitasking. The real-time cargo tracking function is the best.

Edward L

General Manager

GoFreight Tracking allows freight forwarders, importers, and exporters to track where your containers are in one place without having to visit different carriers’ websites and update the status elsewhere.
Moreover, users will receive auto notifications once the container has reached the next milestone to better plan for the upcoming activities.

GoFreight Tracking helps you:

  • Eliminate repetitive task, such as checking carriers’ websites, recording the status, and updating your clients, saving 60% of your time that can be used to deal with other important tasks.
  • Avoid detention and demurrage charges that have doubled at major ports in the world since the start of the pandemic by providing real-time shipment visibility and sending auto notifications.
  • Increase customer satisfaction as your clients can check the latest status updates themselves without having to wait for hours and even get notified immediately once their shipments have proceeded to the next stage.

GoFreight Tracking provides a full-suite of container tracking solution with three components.

  • Container milestone is used as a internal platform for freight forwarders, importers, and exporters to manage and keep track of the shipments so that they can get notified when the shipments reach the next stage and do what has to be done for that specific stage in time.
  • Customer Portal provides real-time shipment status for forwarders’ clients, or exporters, to monitor their shipments without having to contact their agents. Furthermore, other relevant information and documents can also be found in the portal.
  • Raw EDI Data is also provided if software vendors needs access to real-time tracking data and show it on their in-house systems. To learn more about this, please contact us here.

GoFreight also provides raw data to be integrated with your existing shipment management system. For more information, please contact us here.