Container Milestone

Track your containers in one place with better organization and get notified once your containers reach the next milestone to avoid the rising detention and demurrage charges.

Real-time status and fields update with EDI

In addition to showing the real-time status of your containers, our Container Milestone also automatically fills in different information, such as the gate in, gate out, and empty return time, so that you will not have to manually update all these fields.

Easily find your shipments with filtering and sorting

You can easily find the shipments that you’re looking for by filtering and sorting different columns, such as sales in charge, stages, consignee, ship mode, and more, to see the progress of these shipments.

Color code your shipments and leave your remarks

A set of color marks are provided for you to group the shipments in your ways. In addition, you can write down any remarks for each shipment to make the operational process easier.

With GoFreight, freight forwarders in the U.S. have achieved a revenue growth of 124% during the peak shipping season.