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Hard Core Technology - CEO Trenton
Trenton Chen
Chief Executive Officer

An innovative entrepreneur with 10+ years of diversified experiences in various industries and solutions, 8 years of R&D experience in constrained optimization, VLSI CAD (Physical Synthesis), power analysis and closure, cell sizing, timing analysis and modeling for CMOS circuits, standard cell library design.

Trenton received Ph.D and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University, New York, and B.S. in Electrical Engineering from National Chiao-Tung University in Taiwan.

After graduation, he spent two and half years at TSMC, the world’s largest dedicated independent semiconductor foundry. He was a Principle Engineer in Design Technology Platform, R&D department in charge of standard cell architecture development and optimization for the advanced 20nm and 16nm technologies.

Hard Core Technology - COO Bruce
Bruce Lee
Chief Operating Officer

Bruce spent 10 years at CyberLink in R&D, QA, program management, product marketing, business development and sales departments – from coding all the way to selling!

He holds a B.S. degree in computer science from National Cheng-Chi University, and a M.S. degree in computer science from National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan

Hard Core Technology - CEO Trenton
Falldog Hsieh
Chief Technical Officer

Eight years of programming experiences including CyberLink and TrendMicro. Familiar with architecture design, system debugging, web application, and windows application. Involved with projects such as PowerCinema, PowerDVD, ColorDirector, Endpoint-Encryption, and GoFreight.

Passionate about programming and coding, and willing to focus on unit-test and coding style for keeping the code quality. Preferring the code to be perfect, but believing in “done is better than perfect”.

Trying to learn DevOps technology recently for establishing a culture and an environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably.

Hard Core Technology - COO Bruce
Alex Chang
Sales Director

After graduating from UC Riverside, Alex worked at Cyberlink Corp. as project management and international OEM sales. He then joined his family business, Kenco Fashion INC., as Vice President in charge of sales, sourcing, and production. He brought the idea of merging new IT technology with garment business and experienced how the right technology can help a traditional garment business to grow. Years of training gave him great amount of knowledge about international trading and forwarding industry. His goal is to help forwarding industry to take benefits from new IT technology and advance to the next level.

Hard Core Technology - CEO Trenton
Jack Kuo

Jack received B.S. in Economics from National Chengchi University. He has worked in the banking industry for over 10 years, been focus on financial planning and investment portfolio management.

He worked at ABN-AMRO Bank in 2006-2009, Standard Chartered bank in 2009-2014, and currently Taipei Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) since 2015.

Hard Core Technology - COO Bruce
ick Yang
Software Engineer

Rick started coding since senior high school, and loved to join academic programming contests for problem solving. He has 15+ years coding experience, majoring in C++, software development, engineering, and UI/UX design.

Rick received his M.S. degree in Computer Science and Information Engineering from National Central University.

He worked in CyberLink Crop. as a software engineer for 6.5 years, and was involved in PhotoDirector Android, PowerDVD, ColorDirector, and AudioDirector projects.

Rick is interested in web system design, auto-testing, deployment, and UX design. He is also a photographer and he likes coffee, tea, trekking, badminton, and enjoying life.

Hard Core Technology - CEO Trenton
Chen Chun-Chia
Software Engineer

Chun-Chia is a full-stack engineer in Hard Core Tech. He continually improves the code quality, and develops better workflow with automation, refactoring and testing.

He is also a Pythonista, enjoying joining the Python communities and being a volunteer. Chun-Chia cares for the society, and hopes to code for a better future.

Hard Core Technology - COO Bruce
Joey Lee
Product & Quality Assurance Manager

Over eight years of solid experience in testing web based / software applications.

Proficient in software development life cycle including test strategy preparation, test plan development, test case creation, test execution and bug tracking.

Analyzing business requirements, software requirement specifications to create test plans and test cases for manual and automated testing.

Familiar with Quality Assurance Life Cycle and Software Development Life Cycle.

Enjoy learning new tools and technologies.

Hard Core Technology - CEO Trenton
Kyle Hsia
UI designer

Kyle’s major is Visual Communication Design, especially in graphic and user interface design. He also uses ERB and SCSS to build static website prototypes. He loves to explore innovation and collect strange idea. He has spent a long time paying attention and thinking about the connection with technology innovation and design.

After graduation, he joined a design company as a myteam leader; in charge of design, execution, and project management. He then worked as a web UI designer for a global public traded company. His job function included overall design, company brand image, and system UI.

Hard Core Technology - COO Bruce
Mitch Wu
Software Engineer

Mitch has started his journey being a web developer since he was in graduate school. He always tries to use web techniques to solve problems in real life, and loves the sense of achievement after creating something useful.

Having experience from writing Spaghetti code to modern frameworks, Mitch enjoys the convenience and beauty when using new technique to code. He will keep learning and exploring any best practice to develop good software.

Hard Core Technology - CEO Trenton
Brian Lee
Logistics Information Specialist

Brian received B.S. degree in Industrial and system Engineering from Chung Yuan Christian University. At Hard Core Tech, he manages all logistics related electronic data, including verification and efficiency improvements.

Brian also helps issue invoices and analyze accounting information with GoFreight.

Hard Core Technology - COO Bruce
Hoss Huang
Software Engineer

“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.” ―William Arthur Ward

Collaborating with colleagues, writing clean codes, these things are challenging to Hoss. But curiosity is driving Hoss to dig into anything he have not experienced.

From backend to frontend, Hoss spent times on studying web development ever since his high school days, though knowledge is like an endless ocean and he has discovered little.

Hoss is aways like to find ways to make things better, and now he is putting himself on learning any possibilities to build clean and maintainable softwares to help the myteam runs better.

Hard Core Technology - CEO Trenton
Shang Wei Tsai
Software Engineer

Shangwei has many years of experiences in developing various cloud based applications.He believes the Internet Revolution is a new Age of Enlightenment, and is very happy to be a part of it.

Shangwei is ready to embrace any kind of new software tools, thoughts, and discoveries to make things better.

Hard Core Technology - COO Bruce
Eileen Lin
Quality Assurance Engineer

Eileen’s just received M.S. in computer science from National Central University.

She has five years of QA experience, especially in converting user requirements from functional specifications to building the testing life cycle. Eileen is also experienced in creating test plans, test cases, and bug tracking in her work for products such as mobile phone, pad, robot, computer, audio and video software.

Hard Core Technology - CEO Trenton
Linda C.
Customer Success Specalist
Hard Core Technology - COO Bruce
Jean Tseng
Intern - Software Engineer

Jean starts her first internship as an Android developer in the second year of college. She went to Dresden University of Technology in Germany as an exchange student for one year, studying in distributed system program and taking UI/UX courses. After graduating from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan, she joined Hard Core Tech as an app developer.

Jean will start her next journey at New York University as a graduate student in Computer Science, and she wishes to have a deeper dive into this field.

Hard Core Technology - CEO Trenton
Andy Chien
Intern - Software Engineer

Andy received B.S. in Computer Science from National Tsing Hua University in 2017, and will start his journey being a graduate student in Columbia University in Fall, 2018.

Andy started being a web developer since he was in college. He then joined Hard Core Technology as a mobile application developer. Programming is not only part of his work, but an major interest in his life which he feels relaxed doing it.

Besides programming, Andy enjoys expanding connections with different kinds of people. He believes that the more he associates with people, the more he can discover his own weaknesses and make himself a better person.