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Jan 21,2022
Examine Invoice Details in Excel and Add Color Remarks to Trucking Shipments

Accounting details for shipment invoices can now be exported to Excel  When exporting the invoice/cost list to excel, the option to select accounting information as one of the outputs has been added.   You can now view a more detailed breakdown of their invoice fees in the exported excel file if the Accounting Info is …

Oct 15,2021
Regular Hotfix 1.21.211015

What’s improved Added more charge items in the list of other charges under the Air Export module.  The Non-Profit checkbox is now disabled by default. Users can contact our Customer Success team to enable it when necessary.

Oct 01,2021
Regular Hotfix 1.21.211001

What’s Improve In the change log, the system will now show the original and new values of the field before and after the change.  When updating container information through agent EDI, you can now update up to 500 containers, whether HB/L or MB/L.  Updated the list of HTS codes to the latest version.   

Sep 10,2021
Better filtering experience and less manual work

Smoother Filtering Process for My Container List View The filtering behavior of My Containers now aligns with the behavior of Excel’s filter for users to have a smoother experience. Behaviors include checking all items that match the filters, removing the checks once the filters are removed, etc.  Automatically update matching info of MBL and HBL …

Aug 27,2021
Categorize Your Bills of Lading and Allocate Your Warehouse Receipt

Copying Accounting Info as Drafts In the past, when copying a bill of lading with accounting information, such as A/P, A/R, and D/C, all the information will have the status of “normal”. However, to make the accounting approval process more stringent, you can contact our Customer Success team so that all the copied accounting information …

Aug 13,2021
Switching between Name or Print Name on Email Subject

Sending Email with the Preferred Customer Name Users can set up a name, which can be an abbreviation of the full company name, and a print name for a specific trade partner. To make the email subject even clearer when sending documents, you can choose to show either the Name or the Print Name of …

Jul 30,2021
Easier Management of Shipment Info with just a few clicks

More Info and Clearer Workflow to Change OP by Batch In the EDI history view under Ocean Import, the list view will show more important columns, such as MB/L No., HB/L No., Consignee, and Carrier, for you to decide how to assign these shipments to different OPs.     In addition, when you’re changing the …

Jul 16,2021
Cleaner Delivery Order, Better Labelling, and Faster Editing of HB/L

Hiding unnecessary fields to make your delivery order look clean and tidy When printing or sending a delivery order, you can choose to hide the “Empty Pick Up Location” and “Loaded Return / Delivery To” fields by unchecking the corresponding boxes.  When sending or downloading the PDF, the unchecked fields will not be visible anymore …

Jun 19,2021
Manage Invoice-based Exchange Rates and Keep an Eye on the Foreign Exchange Gain/Loss

More flexible way to specify exchange rates for specific invoices Aside from using the exchange rates set in the default currency table, you can specify the exchange rates for a specific invoice with the “Currency Rate Ref” field.  Once you choose the “user defined” option, a window will appear for you to specify the internal …

May 15,2021
More Flexibility When Outputting Your Volume & Profit Report

In addition to the existing “operation” box within the “output by” section, you may now check the “MB/L OP” field to display the name of the OP in charge of specific MB/Ls when you generate volume & profit reports.