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Aug 07,2019

What’s New

Have you ever encountered this kind of situation as a forwarder?

You have been dealing with the same consignees, agents, and other partners for a long period of time. You undergo the same activities, which result in the same debit/credit notes or account receivables/payable entries, for countless times. You then either key in the same accounting information all over again or keep copying and pasting it from the old files to the new ones. Shouldn’t we have better ways to do this as we’re living in the digital age? The answer is definitely YES!

Aside from the trade party feature shown last week, we also came up with the “Accounting Setting” feature, as shown below, to improve your work efficiency and save you some precious time.

Repetitive Accounting entries are now out of sight, out of mind!

For the system to automatically generate the accounting entries, you can first enter them into the “Accounting Setting” section of a specific trade partner. The system will then automatically show the pre-entered entries or notes in the accounting section of a shipment once you fill the trade partner’s name into the billing party field. Your valuable time can be spent on more significant activities instead of mind-numbing information input!


  • OI/AI Arrival Notice: add an option to show Freight Location address or not
  • Shipment list view/accounting tab: add AR/AP/DC email status
  • Container TP/SZ settings: add an option to select which container type to be shown in V&P report
  • AR/AP/DC: due date behavior adjustment -> auto update due date when shipment post date changed