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Mar 04,2020

What’s New

Filing Automated Export System (AES) is required when you export goods, but it can be time-consuming to key in the same sets of data in a row. With GoFreight, no more double keying from now on when you process shipments in AES. GoFreight can:

Automatically fill your B/L information into AES, with the ITN number transferred back to your GoFreight account

  • In an export shipment, you can click the “Tools” button (with an icon), and find the “AES Direct” on the dropdown list. You will see the details required in AES filing afterward.

AES Direct

  • Before you “Submit” this AES Direct on GoFreight, make sure you have already logged in the U.S. Customs ACE Portal. Click “Confirm” on GoFreight, and we will bring you to your ACE Portal account with all the information filled in advance.
  • Once you file the AES on the U.S. Customs ACE Portal, the ITN number will be transferred back to your GoFreight account.
  • P.S. In case you only have MB/L at the moment, you can select “AES Direct” after ticking the checkbox “Direct Master”.

Show you AES Response Log

In GoFreight’s AES Direct window, you can find the result of your AES application submitted on the U.S. Customs ACE Portal.

AES Response Log



  • Load from Warehouse: this feature is now available for Air Export Direct Master, Truck, and Misc shipments.
  • Invoice: “Prepared By” is now optional, a checkbox on the invoice form allows you to choose whether you want to display the text or not.
  • Air ABI system: fixed to provide more complete information on the Cargo Manifest.
  • Air Import/Export: the default service term is set as Airport to Airport.
  • Trial Balance: option to show Trial Balance report with debit/credit detail for Beginning Balance and Balance.
  • ETA/ETD: Fixed bug of discrepancy in ETA/ETD dates between entry and list.