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Sep 04,2019

What’s New

Cash on delivery, or collect on delivery, has become a very common method of payment in both B2B and B2C sectors. The reason is that the shippers or sellers might not trust or be familiar with the buyers and therefore are reluctant to release the products or cargos unless they receive the payments.

As a freight forwarder, it is part of your duties to ensure that the payments are collected. Failure to collect these payments might have dire consequences. However, being overwhelmed by countless tasks might result in your forgetting about the payments. It is definitely helpful to have some kind of reminders to keep yourself reminded.

Let us be your reminder!

GoFreight came up with a simple yet powerful feature called “Cash on Delivery” that makes sure all your payments are not forgotten.


No more forgotten payments!

To enable this feature, users must follow these steps. First, go to the customer’s page in the trade partner module and select “COD” as the payment type. Afterward, proceed to the specific house bill of lading, fill in the customer’s name into the “customer” box, and select “CY” and “door” as the service term. After going through all these steps, you will see that there will be a very noticeable “COD” sign written on the delivery order with a tiny box on the top right corner. By clicking the box, the red COD sign will be shown on the delivery order to remind that the payment type of this shipment is cash on delivery.


COD reminder emails

Aside from the COD sign on delivery order, GoFreight will also send the managers and operators emails with a list of shipments on the day of those shipments’ estimated time of arrival. In the future, users will keep receiving these emails until the payments are finally collected. You no longer have to worry about forgetting to collect the payments or verify whether these payments are indeed collected.

Reminder Email


  • Email: Add an option for email subject line to decide to show PO# / MBL# or not
  • Permission: Allow Accounting / AM to be able to operate “Freight Release” function
  • Batch Email: Add Delivery Order batch email function
  • G&A Invoice / Expense List: fields adjustment in the filter area
  • V/P Report: Add “Sales Type” under “Search Option” & “Output By”
  • V/P Report: Show A/R paid status when “Show Profit Detail” is selected
  • Journal Entry: Add Copy function
  • Ocean Export HBL: Add new field “NRA No.” under “More”
  • Arrival Notice: Make IT No. font size bigger