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< What's New Easily locating your memo to liberate you from a nightmare of endless memo-searching

1.21.201218 Dec 20,2020

What’s New

Memo search bar: Save your time from endless memo-searching


Finding a piece of paper among piles of documents can be quite daunting. In the 21th century, that shouldn’t be an issue as most documents are now digitized.

GoFreight is now rolling out a new feature for users to find their memo in any module. All you have to do is click on the filter icon in any list view, type in the subject of the memo that you’re searching for in the memo search bar, and then you will be able to find that specific memo.


  1. Users can now choose to hide content of “ship to” when printing the AR form of a specific shipment.
  2. The exported excel files of trade partners now have two more columns, namely the “created by” and “created date.”
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