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< What's New Optimized workflow to better manage a larger number of shipments

v1.20.200826 Aug 30,2020

What’s New

Ocean import and export—better management of the sales

  1. Supports printing multiple shipments’ arrival notices in batches
  2. Supports creating multiple containers/items with a single click
  3. Added a column to assign a salesperson in HB/L for better management of the sales team’s resources.
  4. Supports auto-complete search when assigning a salesperson to your HB/L or direct MB/L.
  5. Added fields for sales types, booking types, and salesperson to direct MB/L.
  6. Supports creating one-time trade partners directly in the consignee field and notify parties by typing in the trade partner’s name, without the hassle of creating trade partners for only one-time use.
  7. Supports filters to quickly identify certain salesperson’s HB/L

Accounting—managing your business finance into details

  1. Supports invoice drafting to avoid including unconfirmed billing items and ensure accounting accuracy.
  2. The journal report is ready for better management of your accounting details on a daily basis.
  3. Shipment mode is supported in Agent/Local Statement for customers to reconcile in their preferred ways.

Administration—customize access control throughout the whole system

  1. Supports more customized permission by different departments, roles, and users.


  1. The Customer field will now be shown in the Ocean Import and Air Import Modules once the Direct Master box is checked.
  2. Users can now choose to show the ETA column in the list view of the Trucking module.
  3. Fixed an issue where Email subject cannot be configured in the Quotation, Warehouse, and Memo modules.
  4. Enabled configuration of list view columns in the ISF module.
  5. Users will now be notified when the shipping agent should be updated along with the selected office.
  6. Supports to apply the final ETA change in MB/L to all HB/Ls.
  7. Supports to include entries with blank dates in ETA/ETD for Agent/Local Statement.
  8. Supports volume-weight calculation of containers in Ocean Import/Export modules.
  9. Supports multi-currency display on Agent/Local Statement.
  10. Supports up to 6 decimal places for the Volume and Rate field in accounting.
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