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Aug 21,2019
Load and Link

What’s New Imagine this. Your oversea agent issues a credit note to ask you to collect payments from the consignee. You then create an invoice and send it to the consignee to collect the payment. Sounds quite simple, right? However, the agent then asks you to collect more payments, meaning that there will be more …

Aug 14,2019

What’s New In this week’s What’s New, we will be introducing an existing feature loved and frequently used by our users. Remember this business buddy of yours called memo? You probably attach a bunch of them on your walls, desks, or even your freight documents to remind yourself of certain details about your shipments, consignees, …

Aug 07,2019
Accounting Setting

What’s New Have you ever encountered this kind of situation as a forwarder? You have been dealing with the same consignees, agents, and other partners for a long period of time. You undergo the same activities, which result in the same debit/credit notes or account receivables/payable entries, for countless times. You then either key in …

Jul 31,2019
Trade Party

What’s New Freight forwarders have to deal with different parties, such as consignees, customs brokers, and truckers, of their trade partners to deliver items to the destination. As a result, freight forwarders have to input various information into the system, which is definitely a long and tedious process that can often be considered a waste …

Jul 24,2019
A/L Statement Amount Confirmation & Payment

What’s New Accounting has never been a piece of cake, especially when it comes to reconciliation. Reconciling your accounts and invoices with your oversea agents can be troublesome. You undergo a bunch of activities that generate numerous debit or credit notes. You then confirm and reconcile them with your agents for countless times. The same …