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Dec 06,2020
Synchronized documents in Tracking Portal for your customers to access

What’s New Synchronized documents in Tracking Portal for your customers to access   For users who are using GoFreight Tracking, all types of documents can be synchronized to the Tracking Portal for your customers to access. Simply go to the Document Center of any shipment, and check the “SYNC TO TRACKING” box. Click on the …

Sep 13,2020
Take your customer experience to the next level with GoFreight Tracking

What’s New GoFreight Tracking Portal—customer communications in an efficient way Cargo tracking has been an important part of customer experience in freight forwarding as customers need the real-time information of their cargo to maximize their reaction time. In GoFreight Tracking Portal, your customers can track and review one shipment by simply inputting the container number …

Aug 30,2020
Optimized workflow to better manage a larger number of shipments

What’s New Ocean import and export—better management of the sales Supports printing multiple shipments’ arrival notices in batches Supports creating multiple containers/items with a single click Added a column to assign a salesperson in HB/L for better management of the sales team’s resources. Supports auto-complete search when assigning a salesperson to your HB/L or direct …

Jul 19,2020
Brand-new Quotation Summary

What’s New A quotation is the beginning of all your essential freight forwarding businesses, and it’s important to show all the detailed charges on the quotation. In this release, we have enhanced the configuration of Freight Rate and other corresponding charges, showing all the mandatory pricing information in one short and sweet summary, along with …

Apr 29,2020
Time Tracking Report

What’s New Working from home is quickly becoming the new norm, and there are many online solutions making this transition painless. But how do you make sure you and your team members are managing your time effectively? That’s why we added a time tracking feature to the User Report module. In addition to the original …

Mar 25,2020
Quotation Format Update

What’s New Better information organization for the same easy and quick way to quote Now with the latest update, you can add detailed information as you see fit in an organized format. This new update gives you more control over what you put in a quotation, and the new quotation template will definitely make managing …

Mar 04,2020

What’s New Filing Automated Export System (AES) is required when you export goods, but it can be time-consuming to key in the same sets of data in a row. With GoFreight, no more double keying from now on when you process shipments in AES. GoFreight can: Automatically fill your B/L information into AES, with the …

Jan 21,2020
1099 Form

What’s New January is a busy month for the accounting department to declare taxes and you must have tons of documents to be filled out. The 1099 Form is one of these tax documents. The 1099 form is a tax document from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and it should be filed by January 31 …

Oct 17,2019
Personalized View & Report

What’s New Have you ever been bothered by unnecessary information when you are sorting items or looking for specific information? For instance, you have 50 house bills of lading on a list. Each B/L has more than 10 columns to show all the information, such as the shipper, consignee, place of delivery, and others. Due …

Sep 12,2019
Security Filing – AMS & ISF

What’s New Different countries have various required import or export documentation. The U.S has the Automated Manifest System (AMS) and Importer Security Filing (ISF) to ensure that its national security isn’t jeopardized. The U.S custom imposes penalty on exporters and importers if they fail to submit their AMS and ISF respectively. Very often, freight forwarders …

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