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Oct 17,2019

What’s New

Have you ever been bothered by unnecessary information when you are sorting items or looking for specific information?

For instance, you have 50 house bills of lading on a list. Each B/L has more than 10 columns to show all the information, such as the shipper, consignee, place of delivery, and others. Due to the limited space on your monitor, only a few columns will be shown. To be able to view the columns you wish to see, you probably have to drag the scrollbar from left to right and then right to left. Sounds like a waste of time, doesn’t it?

Here’s another example.

You download another list with more than 20 columns but you probably only need 6 of them. The worst part is that they are not arranged properly and therefore you have to go through each column one by one, rearrange them, and delete the unwanted columns to finally have the perfect excel file.

This definitely does not sound productive. Well, worry no more! GoFreight is here to remove that burden from your shoulders!

The new feature of the week will certainly make a difference in how you organize your shipment information.

Configure your view for better organization and display

The new configuration feature allows users to optimize their list view in the following ways:

Users can now

  • decide which information items to show or hide
  • freeze certain columns
  • arrange the order of these columns
  • adjust the widths of the columns

Generate the perfect report / Be the creator of your personalized report

Aside from configuring their list view, users can also personalize their exported excel report.

Users can

  • choose the desired information items to be included
  • arrange the items based on their preferences
  • copy the customization settings from the list view

Personalized report options

As you are configuring your report, you will notice that an extra item, namely the accounting information, can be included in the excel report. The accounting info section will display the sums of important accounting items, such as ocean freight charges, chassis charges, and miscellaneous charges, as shown below.

Add important account items

Users will now not only be able to personalize their reports but also generate reports with all the significant information for internal or external communications and data presentation.


  • New Feature!! Personalized list view & reports (with accounting information)
  • New Function! HBL / HAWB now supports Copy to and Move to (under Tools)
  • Copy Commodity now supports Copy Commodity + HTS code
  • MBL Description: Add a button to merge HBL description to MBL
  • Warehouse inventory: Inventory should also list out items without receiving / shipping (0 inventory)
  • Warehouse receiving/shipping: show a warning when there is negative inventory
  • Pier Pass AP creation: fix the problem that value of rate & volume misplaced
  • Trade Partner-> Increase the length of the Tax ID field, also change the wording to “TAX ID#” for Vietnam / India companies
  • ISF: ISF no. should be updated automatically to corresponding HBL for imported shipments