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Mar 25,2020

What’s New

Better information organization for the same easy and quick way to quote

Now with the latest update, you can add detailed information as you see fit in an organized format. This new update gives you more control over what you put in a quotation, and the new quotation template will definitely make managing customer expectations easier. Not only it saves time for creating new quotations, but it will also enhance your customers’ experience.

“But what happens to all the previous quotations?” You might ask. Worry not. All the data are securely stored and will be converted to the new format if needed.

You can now put multiple price options in one single quotation

Once you hit the “New Quotation” under the Sales module, you will find the updated quotation format with a clearer structure.

Sales quotation

The first section on the top is for the general shipment information. Then the freight rate section is where you can quote for multiple routes and insert different rates based on cargo size. You can add different routes by clicking the green “+” Sign and insert related information respectively.
In the new quotation format, you can also input other information, such as additional charges or other remarks as you see fit.


  • Quotation: new and improved quotation format allowing better input for freight and detailed expenses
  • Email Authentication (Gmail): upgraded to Google OAuth authentication services
  • Dashboard: For better remote work management, GM can now view “To-Do List” of different OPs
  • Bank List: Admins are able to edit G/L code directly on the Bank List
  • Payment Type: On the payment entry page, a specific payment type can be specified: ACH, Check, or Wire
  • Booking: when entering a Carrier Booking number, a warning will be shown if it already exists
  • Ocean Import: Seaway Bill added as a selectable OB/L Type
  • Mobile: Increase ease of use so that buttons such as “Send” is reachable on when using mobile to access GoFreight
  • Volume and Profit Report: included B/L count into the summary table
  • HTS Search: On HBL and HAWB List, search by HTS is available under the Filter button
  • Warehouse Receipt: Copy feature added under Tools
  • Clear Check by Excel: After applying matched items, unmatched items will still show in the list
  • Invoice: Autogenerate button available for Invoice Number entry
  • Aging Report: Sales column added to Aging Report to show the corresponding Salesperson
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