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Sep 12,2019

What’s New

Different countries have various required import or export documentation. The U.S has the Automated Manifest System (AMS) and Importer Security Filing (ISF) to ensure that its national security isn’t jeopardized. The U.S custom imposes penalty on exporters and importers if they fail to submit their AMS and ISF respectively. Very often, freight forwarders are the ones submitting these forms for their clients. Nonetheless, filling up these forms can take much time and there might be human errors.

To ensure that our users will not encounter any issues or be punished by the custom, GoFreight has a very well thought out security filing system.

AMS Portal

Our AMS portal is a stand-alone system which allows both freight forwarders and their oversea agents to access it. In addition, it can transmit information to the GoFreight system. Users simply have to export or ask for the AMS excel file and import it into the import module of GoFreight. After that, users will see that a shipment with all the information previously filled in the AMS is generated by the system.

AMS Portal

In-app ISF

As the name suggested, our ISF system is part of the GoFreight system. You might ask, “So, how do I benefit from that?”

Since our ISF system is in-app, it shares the same database with GoFreight, meaning that users will not have to re-enter all the parties’ information into both the freight management system and ISF system separately.

When you input information into the in-app ISF, you will see that all previous saved trade parties will be shown in the drop-down list. Aside from that, our system rigorously check for the formats of information. The system will not allow users to save their progress if the formats of required information, such as importer number and AMS number, are incorrect or the required fields are empty. The system will then highlight those fields to remind the users to make some changes. Furthermore, the system will automatically fill in some information for the users if users input their trade partners’ names into some fields, such as consignee and shipper, as shown below.

Aside from importing AMS file to create shipment, GoFreight also provides another function for freight forwarders to have a more flexible workflow. After submitting ISF, users can click on the “create shipment” button and the system will automatically generate a shipment in the import module with all the ISF information. In the near future, users will also be able to create ISF from shipment.

Users will be able to check the matching status of ISF and AMS in the log section or the ISF list in our in-app ISF system.

Support Team

Freight forwarders might be overwhelmed by all kinds of tasks and neglect some important ones along the way. However, important stages such as security filing isn’t something that freight forwarders can afford to miss. As a result, GoFreight has a support team that monitors users’ ISF and AMS status and provide necessary support if anything goes wrong.

Users will no longer have to repetitively enter the security filing information in different systems and worry about the matching status. Intrigued? Well, wait no more and use our in-app ISF!


  • Accounting -> Agent / Local Statement: Allow “Period” to leave blank when searching (means search all range)
  • Shipment Entry: “Form Display Name” of DEL / F.Dest should also be synced to HBL when editing
  • Block/unblock: Fix the problem that sometimes Block / unblock button was disabled unexpectedly
  • Warehouse inventory: Add Weight & Measurement information on inventory summary page