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Apr 29,2020

What’s New

Working from home is quickly becoming the new norm, and there are many online solutions making this transition painless. But how do you make sure you and your team members are managing your time effectively? That’s why we added a time tracking feature to the User Report module.

In addition to the original login/Out, we added Active/Inactive time and duration. This gives you a clear view of how much time everyone spent in sessions or in total. Now you can help your team members to stay on track and focus on high priority tasks.

In the User Login/Out Report module, you will find three new columns: Active, Inactive, and Active Duration.

User log in/out report

Active logs the first time a user started the session in the day. Inactive logs the last time a user left a session in the day. Active Duration logs the sessions in between Active and Inactive.
When you click the “Active Duration”, you will see the complete list of sessions and time spent on each.

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