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Jul 31,2019

What’s New

Freight forwarders have to deal with different parties, such as consignees, customs brokers, and truckers, of their trade partners to deliver items to the destination. As a result, freight forwarders have to input various information into the system, which is definitely a long and tedious process that can often be considered a waste of time.

What if we tell you that you simply have to enter the information once and the system will automatically fill out everything for you?

To save you much time and speed up your workflow, GoFreight provides the “trade party” feature as shown below.

Inputting trade parties’ Information only once!

For each of your trade partners, you can first input information of all the trade parties, such as consignees, bill recipients, shippers, and more, on that trade partner’s page. Afterward, you no longer have to fill in all the information one by one on the house bill of lading. By filling in one box with that trade partner’s name, the system will automatically fill in the information based on your default trade parties, saving you from the keying in a nightmare.


  • New function: What’s new – learn new functions in GoFreight and improvements in each release
  • Cancel shipment behavior adjustment: Only allow cancel when there is no AR/AP/DC under the same shipment
  • Create shipment from ISF: fix the problem that Bill To didn’t carry over from Customer
  • New date range picker style to improve the usability
  • “Form display name” fix: HBL DEL form display name should be reset if MBL DEL information is updated