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Web-based SaaS vs Traditional Software

Benefits of Web/Cloud Based Software

What is a web-based SaaS?

Web-based software as a service, or SaaS, is different from traditional software as users can access a web-based SaaS by simply opening a web browser from any device! In addition, it is often delivered on a subscription basis, suggesting that users can enjoy the latest features as long as they subscribe to the software.
There is no need to download/ install it on any device before using it.
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A web-based freight forwarding/NVOCC SaaS
Limited Accessibility
You can only access your software where it is installed, so it’s difficult to work wherever you want. Don’t mention that VPN is always required when working remotely.
Access Anywhere
Simply open a web browser to work anywhere, anytime. No more VPN!
Your data is at risk
Databases of your system provider or inhouse are far less secure, from infrastructure, data encryption, to backup mechanisms.
World-class data security
All your data is stored on AWS, which is the most secure and reliable cloud database on the market. It can also protect your data from viruses and cyber attacks / It provides the best cyber security for your data
Slow installation and costly maintenance
  • You have to go through a complicated and painful installation process.
  • Being responsible for your own database maintenance is often more costly than expected!
Instant deployment and zero maintenance
  • No more installation! Web-based makes it way easier to start.
  • Save significant costs and time on IT for the long run!
Restricts your business’ Growth
As your shipping business grows, you will need to:
  1. Buy new servers to expand your database.
  2. Go through another painful installation process for scaling.
Scalable based on your needs!
Much easier on web-based software:
  1. Expanding databases
  2. Increasing users
  3. Updating functions.
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